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Ellen DeGeneres

With Taylor Swift’s music video for smash hit “Look What You Made Me Do” continuing to rack up the YouTube views (now over 433 million), the parodies keep rolling in as well. On Friday, Ellen DeGeneres premiered her own deleted scenes from the Reputation lead single, claiming that Swift cut DeGeneres out because “she’s threatened by me sometimes.” Check out the hilarious moment, plus a few other notable spoofs of Swift’s latest clip, below.

1. Ellen DeGeneres
Just look at the comedian sitting at the opposite end of that jewelry-filled bathtub with Taylor Swift. She, of course, puts her own spin on the famous “The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now” line and recreates the final scene of the video with her own set of clones. Keep an eye out for “Twerking Ellen,” alongside the rest of her crew.

2. Game of Thrones

A proper Game of Thrones spoof was only fitting considering that the song is rumored to be about Arya Stark. Although the parody only gives us the first verse and chorus, it understandably might have been a bit difficult to find a clip of Jon Snow saying that the old Taylor is dead.

3. Spencer Pratt

The former The Hills cast member uploaded a full-length parody to YouTube, and it is glorious. The spoof shows Pratt continually sipping from a small teacup, feeding a hummingbird, generously spraying himself with what appears to be sunscreen, and trying out a whole bunch of Snapchat filters. Oh, and a pregnant Heidi Montag makes a wonderful cameo. Can’t-miss stuff right here.

4. The Ohana Adventure

This parody, coming from YouTube account The Ohana Adventure, reminds us that high school romance hasn’t gotten any easier. The main subject of the spoof realizes as much, singing, “I’m a cringey teen, but I will mature.” The video also features the ninth-grade girl falling up the stairs and struggling to engage in basic conversation with her crush. Maybe he’ll be impressed by the fact that this video has over 11 million views, though?

5. Baby Gizmo

From a lyrical standpoint, YouTube account Baby Gizmo’s parody of “Look What You Made Me Do” is cute and funny. Starring a young girl and her father, this take on Swift’s clip captures her frustration with a never-ending cycle of chores. Be sure to take note of the incredible purple bow around the 2:16 mark.

Honorable mention: Vanessa Hudgens

This probably doesn’t qualify as a parody, but it’s great nevertheless. Vanessa Hudgens sports a blonde Swift-esque wig while lip-syncing the chorus and the phone call voiceover. She added the hashtag “#havingwaytoomuchfun” to the Instagram post — and it shows, as she breaks out laughing in the middle of the video.

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