And the Twittersphere collectively shouted, 'Look what you made me do'

By Nick Romano
September 22, 2017 at 03:19 PM EDT

House Speaker Paul Ryan tried a new tactic to promote his tax reform initiative that would provide tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest Americans: bring on Taylor Swift. The Congressman posted a meme tracking how chart-topping songs have evolved from 1986 to 2017, from The Bangles’ “Walk Like an Egyptian” to Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do.” Now, it’s Ryan with a worse Reputation.

“America’s music tastes have changed since 1986, but our tax code hasn’t. It’s time,” Ryan tweeted on Friday. His argument was that, since music isn’t the same as it was back then, the nation’s tax code shouldn’t be either. But many called his use of Swift as evidence to be “a stupid comparison” with “nothing good or right about this tweet.”

Fans are already tweeting to Swift to inquire about her stance on the meme.

The situation brings to mind Samantha Bee, who argued on Full Frontal that Ryan is a lot like Swift. Comparing Ryan to Swift’s ex, Tom Hiddleston, the comedian suggested, “Take another cue from Taylor Swift, Mr. Speaker. Know when to dump the guy you’ve only been pretending to like to help your career. It’s kind of hurting your ‘moral compass of the party’ brand.”

See some of the reactions to Ryan’s meme attempt below.