'I have chased this pain for five years,' she says in the emotional clip

The latest trailer for Lady Gaga’s upcoming documentary is shedding light on her ongoing struggles with chronic pain, which has led the pop star to postpone the planned European leg of her Joanne World Tour.

“I have chased this pain for five years,” Gaga says in the new preview, as footage of the 31-year-old in tears over her condition flashes onscreen. “But, when I feel the adrenaline of my music and my fans, I can f—ing go.”

Cameras also capture medical procedures performed on Gaga, though the clip additionally touches on the creation of the singer-songwriter’s most recent album, Joanne, including a touching sequence involving Gaga visiting her grandmother, whose daughter inspired the LP’s title following her battle with Lupus, which resulted in her death at age 19 in 1974.

“[You will see] a woman who’s an artist, creates all day, thinks all day, and also has the experiences [as] both an artist and a celebrity. Those two things collide for me, and you’ll see how they’re conflicted,” Gaga previously told EW of the project, which she began filming in June 2016 with director Chris Moukarbel, additionally noting that she’s currently working on a new album. “I am 100 percent at my lowest common denominator. Nobody [is] explaining what I am or putting a label on me as a female artist in this film. That’s what this documentary is about.”

Gaga: Five Foot Two premieres Sept. 22 on Netflix via Live Nation Productions and in a limited number of theaters. Watch the film’s new trailer above.

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