The new animated holiday movie portrays the young Carey's pursuit of a pet

Many children yearn for that one magical Christmas gift that, for one reason or another, Santa Claus keeps declining to grant them. For A Christmas Story‘s Ralphie, it was a Red Ryder BB gun, but for young Mariah Carey, it was something sweeter: a puppy.

In the new trailer for All I Want For Christmas Is You, the upcoming animated film named after Carey’s iconic Christmas song, the adult Carey announces she’ll be telling the tale of her “first love.” After years of writing letters to Santa begging for a puppy with no result, a fashion show makes it imperative that young Mariah gets a dog now. Luckily, her uncle is in need of a dog sitter…

All I Want For Christmas Is You arrives on Blu-ray, DVD, and On-Demand on Nov. 14. In addition to the signature hit, it will also feature a brand new Carey Christmas song, “Lil Snowman,” as well as other songs from his discography.

Watch the trailer above.