'Songs of Bob Dylan,' the singer-songwriter's new LP, drops Friday

August 31, 2017 at 10:50 AM EDT

Singer-songwriter and brilliant interpreter Joan Osborne, 55, returns this week with Songs of Bob Dylan, a stunning set of covers from the recent Nobel Prize-winner’s storied catalog. She tackles favorites like “Buckets of Rain,” “Spanish Harlem Incident,” “High Water (for Charley Patton),” and more, with both a dutiful respect for the original arrangement as well as a careful stretching of the song’s pre-existing boundaries. Last week, Osborne shared her take on “Tangled Up in Blue,” and now, EW is thrilled to premiere the cut’s sunny new video.

“It’s hard to say when was the first time I heard a Bob Dylan song,” Osborne tells EW, “because he’s such a part of our musical culture. But I will say that when I was first starting out as a singer in New York I was playing a lot in these little clubs in the Village that were there in the ’60s during the folk boom. The ghost of Bob Dylan was all around during that time. And then as I tried to educate myself about who are the great writers, he’s obviously one of the first ones that always comes up. I started to dig into his records and learn more about him, just to give myself a musical education.”

Osborne first tested out this material live, before recording the album, when she had a Cafe Carlyle residency in New York. She’s now taking this set on the road, and while she’s told members of the Dylan camp about all the happenings — receiving a “very positive reaction to it” — she’s not totally sure that Dylan himself has checked out her tunes. “But maybe he will,” she says, laughing. “That would be really cool — if he liked it!”

Songs of Bob Dylan drops Friday, Sept. 1. Osborne is currently on tour.

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