'This motherf---er Donald Trump, I can't stand,' says the rapper

By Christian Holub
August 28, 2017 at 01:15 PM EDT

Eminem was in the U.K. this weekend, but that wasn’t far enough to escape the pull of modern U.S. politics. As he took the stage at the 2017 Reading Festival in Glasgow, Scotland on Saturday, the Detroit rapper declared that he didn’t want to be “all political and s–t,” but nevertheless had to make his feelings clear on something.

“This motherfucker Donald Trump, I can’t stand,” Eminem said. “So before we get into this new song, we would like to request something of you.”

Eminem then led the crowd in a call-and-response chant. He yelled “f—” and the crowd would follow with “Trump.”

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“He’s got our country all f—ed up,” Eminem concluded, before continuing with his set.

This “F— Trump” chant is not Eminem’s first time taking on the president. Back in October, he dropped a song called “Campaign Speech” that blasted Trump’s campaign.

Watch the video from Reading Festival above.

The comments come about two weeks after Eminem used “#CampShady” to tease new music on social media.