Indie singer-songwriter Amber Coffman tries to get into the first daughter's head

By Eric Renner Brown
August 24, 2017 at 04:03 PM EDT

Throughout Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency, his critics have voiced concern about his daughter Ivanka’s support. The running joke even spawned one of the buzziest moments from the most recent season of Saturday Night Live: In “Complicit,” Ivanka, portrayed by Scarlett Johansson, acts as the poster girl for a fictional fragrance of the same name.

Amber Coffman and Nick Lutsko added another entry to the Ivanka-mocking canon on Thursday. “My Father,” credited to the artist Ivanka Del Rey, imagines what Ivanka must be thinking about her father — and puts the lyrics through an aesthetic prism that apes Lana Del Rey’s distinctive, aloof style.

“My father is my father,” sings Coffman, in a cadence reminiscent of Ivanka’s. “My father is an enormous problem for this country, but my father is my father and it’s not my place to tell him not to be who he is.” Later, she declares the elder Trump to be “fundamentally incompetent on a global scale.”

In January, Coffman performed at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. When EW connected with her in May to discuss her debut solo album, City of No Reply, Coffman also discussed the nature of political activism in the age of Trump.

“The election of Trump — we’ll just call him ’45,’ I guess — was the result of decades of complacency,” she said. “When you’re not vocal or if you hold back, it doesn’t necessarily encourage others to stay aware and get involved. I haven’t exactly figured out the rhythm of it. I go back and forth between yelling at the clouds and just cutting [the news] off, because it’s hard to know how to engage and what to do.

“It’s a tricky thing to navigate,” she concluded. “I do think the best thing for me to do as an artist is just to try to make as much as I can and try to offer the best parts of myself to the world.”

Hear “My Father” above and download the track for free at Super Deluxe.