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Did Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry connect Lil Kim with Notorious B.I.G. from beyond the grave? According to the self-proclaimed clairvoyant, the answer is yes.

A preview clip of an upcoming episode of his E! series shows Henry telling Kim that he has reached the spirit of a musical man whose “life was cut too short.”

“He’s sharing a legacy being continued on,” Henry tells Kim, who continuously nods in agreement. “And then he is having me reference a dedication, but in a musical sense. And it comes through. Now the interesting thing is that he acknowledges this hasn’t been done yet. And he feels like he’s involved in it.”

“It’s amazing because right now I’m working on music for him,” explains Kim, who had an affair with her late collaborator prior to his 1997 murder. “But he’s on the record. And it’s just a beautiful connection. And it’s all for the love of him.”

Little Kim, The Notorious B.I.G., and Sean "Puffy" Combs
Credit: Mitchell Gerber/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images

“It’s like Biggie came through as, like, a former lover, no different than any former lover would,” Henry said of the moment to ET. “But he came through very strongly and acknowledging that he wanted her to know that they were soulmates and how much he loved her. And he acknowledged their relationship and how it kind of…how their last interaction was. He discussed some of the dynamics behind that and gave her a lot of closure and healing because, she didn’t obviously, because of the nature of his passing.”

But don’t hold out hope for Biggie’s thoughts on his drive-by shooting death on March 9, 1997, which to this day remains an unsolved case and the subject of much speculation.

“He was much more focused on some of the dynamics and some of the things he didn’t get to say to her that he needed to get off his chest,” Henry explained. “When it came to his actual passing, there was not that much in that department. It’s always interesting to see what they prioritize in bringing through. You would think sometimes people would come through and bring up their death as the first thing and sometimes those are the people who don’t.”

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