UPDATE: Lady Gaga's reps have responded

By Nick Romano
July 29, 2017 at 04:06 PM EDT
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images; Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

UPDATE: In response to the subpoena news, a representative for Lady Gaga told EW: “As Lady Gaga’s legal team will present to the court, she has provided all of the relevant information in her possession and is at most an ancillary witness in this process. Dr. Luke’s team is attempting to manipulate the truth and draw press attention to their case by exaggerating Lady Gaga’s role and falsely accusing her of dodging reasonable requests.”

The original story is below.

EARLIER: As Kesha attempts a musical comeback following her legal battle with Dr. Luke, the music producer is continuing with his lawsuit against the “Learn to Let Go” singer — including subpoenaing Lady Gaga to appear at a deposition for her involvement in the case.

“In connection with Dr. Luke’s defamation claims against Kesha, various third parties are being deposed by both sides, including celebrities,” a statement from Dr. Luke’s lawyer, obtained by EW, reads. “Dr. Luke’s counsel served a subpoena on Lady Gaga because she has relevant information regarding, among other things, false statements about Dr. Luke made to her by Kesha. This motion has become necessary because Dr. Luke’s counsel has not been able to obtain, despite repeated request, a deposition date from Lady Gaga.”

According to TMZ, Gaga submitted a written statement regarding text messages between her and Kesha. However, the information was reportedly redacted so much that it was incomprehensible. After the subpoena, Gaga will now sit down for no more than a three-hour interview.

The American Horror Story Golden Globe winner supported Kesha throughout her trials with Dr. Luke. “I feel like she’s being very publicly shamed for something that happens in the music industry all the time, to women and men,” she told AMP Radio 97.1 last year. Kesha and Dr. Luke’s legal battle began in 2014 when Kesha filed a complaint alleging the producer emotionally and physically abused her. Dr. Luke filed a defamation suit against Kesha in response and has denied the abuse claims in court and via social media.

Gaga also promoted the “Free Kesha” campaign on social media.

Kesha is now releasing her first album in five years, Rainbow. She recently released a music video for “Learn to Let Go” following drops for “Woman” and “Praying.”