Despite the wild success of 'This Is Us,' the star still finds time to write songs

By Yvonne Juris
July 28, 2017 at 03:31 PM EDT

Mandy Moore is missing music like candy.

The actress and one-time pop star tells PEOPLE that one of the ways she likes to unwind after a long day of shooting This Is Us is through singing. She also revealed that a new album may be on the horizon.

“I want to return to music,” Moore says. “I don’t have a record label, but I have a lot of music written. Next year, I’ve decided I’m putting it out there!”

Although the 33-year-old has been busy playing the role of Rebecca Pearson in the Emmy-nominated NBC hit drama, she still delegates some of her time to composing.

Steve Granitz/WireImage

Moore has also teamed up with global biopharmaceutical company Merck to launch the Her Life. Her Adventures campaign, with the goal of encouraging women to incorporate birth control options into their life.

“I’m really passionate about using my platform to inspire dialogue around women’s health and to encourage women to talk to their doctors about family planning,” she says.

The “Candy” singer also tells PEOPLE that she has considered starting a family.

“I would definitely get married again,” Moore says. “My life has sort of taken unexpected twists and turns professionally and personally, but overall my journey is the reason I am here today and I feel fulfilled by everything that happened.”

Moore recently celebrated her two-year anniversary with boyfriend Taylor Goldsmith, guitarist for the indie rock band Dawes. “The best 2 years. Never not smiling with you, T,” she captioned a photo of the pair on Instagram.

In 2016, Moore and musician Ryan Adams divorced after six years of marriage.

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