EW has the exclusive premiere

By Madison Vain
July 25, 2017 at 12:00 PM EDT

Noah McBeth, who writes and records as NoMBe, doesn’t seem to care much for genre. Alternatively, the 26-year-old appears to care a lot about genre. Across the six singles he has already shared this year — part of a one-song-per-month plan — the singer-producer glides between electro, soul, funk, blues, and all the gray space in between without reservation. Now, EW is thrilled to premiere his latest track, “Bad Girls,” a scuzzy, electronic-infused ode to all the women who live fast and “make that good cash.”

NoMBe, who counts Chaka Khan as a godparent and Pharrell as an early supporter, says the song has been in the works for several years. While living in Miami for college, the artist was continuously friend-zoned by women, only to see them “posting photos the next day at clubs doing shots with older guys,” he says via email.

Credit: H3RD BRAIN Records

As for his stylistic explorations, he explains that it’s not so much as intentional as inevitable. “I never got hooked on one thing consistently,” he says of what artists and veins he’d listen to early on. “I really pay attention to music and have done so since I can remember. Sometimes I’m working on a track and remember a song my dad used to play in the car when I was four and how that made me feel…it’s hard to explain…”

The catchy cut is featured on the artist’s still-evolving debut album, which is due in January 2018 via TH3RDBRAIN and being touted as a “tribute to all of the women that might’ve even loved him.” Hear the new single above.