Nine rare tracks will be featured on an album

By Nick Romano
July 12, 2017 at 01:33 PM EDT

One Michael Jackson fan with a lot of dough will get to hear unreleased music from the icon eight years after his death. The online auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll is throwing a special pop culture auction, and one of the items is a CD copy of Jackson’s final album with nine previously unreleased songs.

According to the official lot description, the album, with the word “Bible” written on the front, comes from the personal friend and assistant of the gloved one.

Twelve songs are included on the CD, three of which are said to have been released with different mixes: “Monster,” “Breaking News,” and “Stay.” The others, which reportedly are “master quality,” are “Keep Your Head Up,” “Everything’s Just Fine,” “Black Widow,” “Burn Tonight,” “All I Need,” “Water,” “Let Me Fall in Love,” “Ready to Win,” and “Soldier Boy.”

The auction, which also includes the letter by Tupac about breaking up with Madonna, will run from July 19-28. The minimum bid for Jackson’s album is $50,000. The winning bidder will not own the copyrights, which Rolling Stone confirmed from event organizers means the highest bidder will not be able to distribute the songs.

Jackson died in June 2009, and two posthumous albums have since been released: 2010’s Michael, which some fans claimed included tracks that did not feature the singer’s voice (Jackson’s estate attorney argued otherwise), and 2014’s Xscape. Sony Music also released a single, “This Is It,” on a two-disc compilation album not long after the King of Pop’s death.

Jackson’s other items included in the upcoming auction are a “personally owned teddy bear” in “very good condition,” an Oscar statuette for “Best Daddy in the World” given to Jackson by his children, and his “personally owned” Star Wars sleeping bag.