The singer is back from her self-proclaimed 'break' with a banger new track

By Derek Lawrence
July 11, 2017 at 12:09 AM EDT

Demi Lovato is back with a vengeance.

Early Tuesday morning, the singer returned from her recent music hiatus with the release of the new track “Sorry Not Sorry.”

“Payback is a bad bitch / And baby, I’m the baddest / You f—in’ with a savage / Can’t have this, can’t have this,” she sings before launching into the chorus, her powerhouse vocals exclaiming, “Baby, I’m sorry, I’m not sorry / Baby, I’m sorry, I’m not sorry / Bein’ so bad got me feelin’ so good / Showing you up like I knew that I would.”

In a lengthy Monday post thanking her fans for their support, Lovato teased the song, writing, “This is an anthem for anyone who’s ever been hated on and has risen above it and come out from the other side like a f—ing savage.”

Last October, the singer announced she was taking a “break” without providing any suggestion of the length of her time away. “So excited for 2017,” she wrote on Twitter. “Taking a break from music and the spotlight.. I am not meant for this business and the media.”

Listen to a preview of the track above via her tweet, and you can download and stream the song via various services, including iTunes and Spotify, here.