You just have to 'Breakaway' from the haters


Kelly Clarkson spent part of her Fourth of July reminding haters not to come for her.

While celebrating Independence Day, the singer sent out a tweet thanking those who serve and protect Americans and shouting out those who made the nation possible. “Thank u 2 every person in service 4 protecting all of us and cheers to every person who fought for us to experience freedom & independence,” she wrote.

One troll took this as an opportunity to blast the singer for her weight, writing, “You’re fat.” But because Clarkson is the queen of the snappy tweet, she took no time crafting the perfect reply: “…and still f—ing awesome ?”

Lucky for fans, this wasn’t the first time the singer had a sassy comeback on social media. Read a selection of her best tweets below:

Clarkson made a playful dig at Justin Guarini, her former American Idol opponent, during the 2016 election.

She had previously made her voting preference clear and warned the haters to keep their insults to themselves.

In July 2016, Clarkson tweeted her admiration and support of Michelle Obama after her powerful speech at the Democratic National Convention explained how she woke up “every morning in a house [the White House] that was built by slaves,” and watched her daughters Malia and Sasha, “two beautiful, intelligent, black young women,” play on the White House lawn.

One Twitter user was unimpressed. In a since-deleted reply, he wrote, “I’m not sure I liked the part where she said the White House was built by slaves.” Here’s how Clarkson weighed in:

As Kesha’s legal battle with Dr. Luke intensified in February 2016, Clarkson showed her loyalty to her fellow singer with a not-so-subtle tweet.