Grab a Cherry Coke and test your knowledge with EW's video quiz

By Derek Lawrence
June 29, 2017 at 10:00 AM EDT
Credit: Arista Records

What do you get when you combine Fun Dip, Cherry Coke, and Macaulay Culkin? A smash hit.

That's exactly what LFO did with "Summer Girls," a literal summer anthem that can only be rivaled by Will Smith's "Summertime." Released June 29, 1999, the track peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard charts and was certified platinum. It even earned the honor/dishonor of being parodied by Eminem in "Marshall Mathers."

Not quite one-hit wonders, the group consisting of Rich Cronin, Devin Lima, and Brad Fischetti achieved their greatest success with the song full of non sequiturs and pure '90s references that would make any teenager today ask, "Who, what, and huh?"

To celebrate the 18-year anniversary of the song's release, take a trip back in time and test your knowledge in EW's video quiz below. <div class="apester-media" data-media-id="5952cb5df2d4938713c371bf" height="388"></div><script async src=""></script>