Plus, how he snagged Justin Beiber, Jay-Z and Beyonce for collaborations


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Step aside Blue Ivy, because a featured vocalist credit at the end of “Daddy Lessons” isn’t going to cut it anymore. DJ Khaled says his baby, Asahd, helped choose the songs that would be included on his new album, Grateful.

Khaled says the four-month-old, who is listed as an executive producer of the album, lets him know which songs he likes by bobbling his head, and when he opens his mouth wide and smiles, that’s how Khaled knows it’s a “super smash.”

“To be honest with you, he likes so many tracks, that I ended up putting 23 on the album,” he says about Asahd, who also appears on the Grateful‘s cover art.

The DJ also talked about working with Justin Bieber on “I’m the One” and approaching JAY-Z and Beyoncé about collaborating on “Shining.”

“When I was trying to get him on it, I was like Hey you think you could get your wife on this, too?,” he says, “Praise the Queen, Beyoncé.”

Grateful is out now.

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