'Star Wars,' porn, banana pudding, and Paris Hilton make for an epic story in the exclusive clip from 'Party Legends'

By Derek Lawrence
June 15, 2017 at 11:00 AM EDT

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The late Charlie Murphy set the gold standard for recounting almost mythical stories about pick-up basketball games against music icons with his epic Chappelle’s Show sketch of being schooled by Prince. Now, Die Antwoord’s Ninja has scored with a similarly outrageous tale — this one centering on hip-hop royalty Drake and Kanye West.

In an exclusive clip from tonight’s episode of Viceland’s Party Legends, set to air at 10 p.m., the South African rapper told the awkward, strange, and hysterical account of his hangout with the rap icons.

It started how all wild stories do: A 2 a.m. FaceTime call from Paris Hilton. West happened to pop up in the background, which led to Ninja being invited to the rapper’s house. Not long after his arrival, Ninja found himself on the way to play basketball at the house of West’s neighbor, who turned out to be Drake. Sounds awesome, right? Nope, uncomfortable is a much better description.

Ninja makes a slight detour in the story to share his acrimonious history with Drake. In 2015, the two were on the same tour around Australia, when Drake’s people refused to give Die Antwoord access to the rapper’s show. In turn, Ninja shared a homophobic meme of the rapper on his partner Yolandi’s Instagram.

Considering their past, Ninja was unsure of the reaction he would get during the basketball game. “This is the problem with rap music today: No one f—ing said anything to me,” he disappointingly declared. “No one hit me. I mean, that’s ridiculous.” After three games of West doing “kung-fu” moves, Drake’s hype man celebrating each of the Canadian rapper’s baskets, and Ninja getting benched, West and Ninja’s team emerged victorious. “Drake’s team lost and he just walked off,” recalled Ninja. “Like the sun was setting and he kind of walked off into the sunset. Kanye was like, ‘Why didn’t he say goodbye?'”

If that wasn’t weird enough, the post-game chill session back at West’s house included Star Wars, porn, and banana pudding. “Kanye would hit me up from time and time and it got a bit weird, so I blocked his number,” concluded Ninja.

Watch the video above.

Party Legends airs Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on Viceland.

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