16-year-old frontwoman Lydia Night says the 'Seashore' video 'represents resistance'

By Nolan Feeney
June 12, 2017 at 11:00 AM EDT
Warner Bros Records

There’s nothing subtle about the new video from the Regrettes.

The Los Angeles-based punk band, fronted by 16-year-old Lydia Night, travels back in time to give a voice to disenfranchised women throughout history in their video for “Seashore,” premiering on EW today. The fiery anthem, which appears on their debut album Feel Your Feelings Fool, is a big middle-finger to men who underestimate or belittle young women. Lyrics include, “You’re talking’ to me like a child / Hey, I’ve got news, I’m not a little girl … and I’ll still kick your ass even in my skirt.”

“I wanted to pair the defiance of the lyrics with a handful of historical vignettes that embrace women taking control of the situations that have held them back,” director Claire Vogel told EW in a statement. “I wanted each scene to hint at how people might have freely spoken their inner thoughts in those moments should they have had the privilege.”

There’s one scene that’s not from centuries past however: There’s a shot of Night singing from a White House lectern dressed up as the president, which is indeed a jab at the current commander-in-chief. “I initially dedicated this song to Donald Trump due to him being a bully,” Night says. “The video represents resistance. Given the fact that people in those time periods couldn’t stand up for themselves, I wanted to make sure that I’m always standing up for things that I believe in and for myself.”

Watch “Seashore” above.