It's the group's first video since Camila Cabello departed
Credit: Fifth Harmony/VEVO

Well, they’ve stopped working from home — and now Fifth Harmony are moving their operation to a seedy motel in the video for their new single “Down.”

Why are they at a motel? Who are they waiting for? What’s up with that lighting? What kind of business are they in, anyway? Who cares — just focus on the catsuit Dinah Jane rocks during the video’s dance sequences. Clearly the group has raided Cookie Lyon’s closet in the weeks since Empire finished up its third season. (Besides, if you came to a Fifth Harmony video looking for a serious plot…you have probably never watched a Fifth Harmony video before.)

“Down,” which features rapper Gucci Mane, is the group’s first single since original member Camila Cabello departed late last year and the first taste of the follow-up to last year’s year’s 7/27. That album spawned the hits “Work From Home” and “All in My Head (Flex).” Fifth Harmony’s new record is expected later this year.

Meanwhile, Cabello has been keeping busy with her own solo career, releasing two tracks: “Crying in the Club” and “I Have Questions.”

Watch “Down” above.