DNCE take fans for a ride


DNCE’s Joe Jonas got to try his hand at a new gig, going undercover as a Lyft driver to surprise unsuspecting passengers.

The prank was part of the company’s Undercover Lyft series, wherein celebrities pose as drivers and dupe fans. Jonas was joined by the rest of the band — JinJoo Lee, Cole Whittle, and Jack Lawless — who posed as passengers hailing from a slew of professional backgrounds (professional snowboarder, janitor, and chef, to name a few).

Though most passengers didn’t seem to recognize any of the DNCE members by face, one woman called out Jonas when he was donning a baseball cap and sunglasses, saying, “You look like Joe Jonas.” The singer, who had introduced himself as Thomas, smiled and responded, “I get that all the time. It’s ridiculous.”

Check out the clip of Joe Jonas and the rest of DNCE pranking passengers above.