In addition to being a group of ace songsmiths, Old Dominion are also one of the most fun bands working the country circuit — and they let it show in their colorful new music video for "No Such Such Thing as a Broken Heart."

The clip follows the outfit through a retro-tinged world accented by video game animations and bursting with superpowers, but as frontman Matthew Ramsey tells EW, the concept was a struggle to come up with. "We always want to do something a little unexpected," he explains. "[But] we couldn't come up with much for this one. Everything seemed so serious." Their director Steve Condon eventually cracked the code. "What if we visually interpreted every line in the song?" Ramsey recalls him pitching. "From there, he just went nuts!"

Each member of the five-some is a child of the '80s or '90s, and the singer says he's thrilled to imagery from that era in the video. "We all grew up with those comics and video games that you see," Ramsey says. "None of us are big collectors, but I am a fan of the Teen Titans!"

As for the tune itself, the charming ditty is the first taste of the band's anticipated second LP, and was born during a mini-moment of writer's block. "We didn't know what to write that day," Ramsey recalls. "But for some reason, I said the line, ‘I wonder if Jack and Diane ever made it.' So we just kept writing, not knowing what the song would really be, until Trevor [Rosen] said, ‘You gotta love like there's no such thing as a broken heart!' That's when we knew what the song was gonna be about."

The song sets the tone for the entire record, he says. "We felt like it was the right next step for us as a band," Ramsey says. "We know what we are capable of as songwriters, and we wanted to show a new side. This still sounds like a party, but it has a message. … It still sounds like us, but there is some heavier subject matter. We've definitely grown as a band, and I think it shows in these songs."

"No Such Thing as a Broken Heart" is streaming above. The group's second album is expected to release later this year.