She and Migos take the food metaphors to a creepy new level


Katy Perry is trying out the Santa Clarita Diet — at least in her new video.

The pop star takes the food wordplay of her new single, “Bon Appétit,” to a whole new level by turning herself into a meal in a clip that’s as creepy as it is bonkers. A menacing team of chefs flour and stretch her like pizza dough, pelt vegetables at her like a salad, boil her in oil, then serve her as an hors d’ouerves plate before, you know, Perry starts pole dancing and getting ready to chow down on a pie made of human body parts. As one does.

“Bon Appétit,” which features it-rappers of the moment Migos, is the second taste of Perry’s upcoming studio album after “Chained to the Rhythm,” which got an equally eye-catching video earlier this year. Perry says she’s whittled down a pool of 40 potential songs to just 15 tracks. “It’s really quite brave,” she said of the LP in a recent interview with EW. “Sonically, it’s fun and dancey and dark and light. It’s all of these things. It definitely is a change.” (And no, there’s no response to “Bad Blood” on there.)

The album currently does not have a release date or title.