By Eric Renner Brown
May 03, 2017 at 11:00 AM EDT
Morgan Martinez

Later this month, Evansville, Ind. indie-rockers Thunder Dreamer will release their second album, Capture. The full-length is also their first release for 6131 Records — the recent home of singing-songwriting wunderkind Julien Baker — and continues that label’s impressive streak of indie-rock, even if Thunder Dreamer’s strain of the genre isn’t quite the same.

In an interview with EW, frontman Steven Hamilton points to Blonde Redhead and Magnolia Electric Co. as two significant influences — and Thunder Dreamer’s majestic fusion of shoegaze and Americana bears that out. But one Capture cut has a message that shouldn’t get lost among the reverby keyboards and fuzzy guitars: “Living Like the Rest,” which EW is excited to premiere below, addresses issues surrounding refugees and xenophobia.

“When I wrote that, a lot of stuff was going on with refugees trying to come to America and then to Europe,” says Hamilton, citing the humanitarian crisis posed by the Syrian civil war. “It’s about the reaction of America not being very accommodating or wanting people to come in. I wrote it about that, and people who need help being turned away.”

Capture isn’t a political album — “Usually I don’t write a song about something so particular,” Hamilton says — but “Living Like the Rest” is undeniably resonant given the current political landscape. Hear it below.

Capture drops May 26. Thunder Dreamer is currently touring clubs in the Midwest and on the East Coast.