'Foolish' is the latest jam from the 'Friday' star
Rebecca Black
Credit: Maddie Cordoba

Rebecca Black is taking risks with her new music video.

The clip for her addictive electro-pop jam “Foolish,” premiering exclusively on EW today, showcases the singer as you’ve never seen her before: hitting the club and stripping down for a steamy late-night pool rendezvous. But that’s all in line with the message of the song, she tells EW. “The directors and I really wanted to capture what people feel and do when we begin to fall in love,” she says. “We take risks and try new things in order to learn new sides of ourselves — I don’t think anyone ever leaves a relationship the same person as they were before.”

Last fall, the “Friday” singer returned to music with her first new song in three years, “The Great Divide.” The track reintroduced Black with a radio-friendly sound — it was easy to picture “The Great Divide” getting airplay between, say, the Chainsmokers’ parade of hit singles— and marked the first taste of her upcoming EP, due this summer.

“Before even finding my sound, I needed to first find my voice,” the 19-year-old told EW last year. “It couldn’t come from anybody else. Nobody else could tell me that I had value, no one else could tell me that I needed that confidence. I just realized at one point, if I really want to do this and make music that I love, it’s going to take me being confident in myself. I can’t live my life being afraid of everybody else.”

See the “Foolish” video above.