Maculay Culkin in Father John Misty new video
Credit: Father John Misty/YouTube

Father John Misty previously told EW that the point of Pure Comedy single “Total Entertainment Forever” is that he doesn’t think “there are going to be famous people in the near future.”

“There are only going to be infamous people,” he said. “Jennifer Lawrence will be famous and everyone else will be infamous.”

For the song’s music video, Josh Tillman picked a famous person — or infamous, depending on how you feel about his pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band — to star: Macaulay Culkin, who makes his entrance dressed as Kurt Cobain before getting tied up to a pole with video game controllers.

The whole cartoonish clip is set inside a VR game controlled by George Washington, and getting tied up is only the first obstacle Culkin has to face. Later, he’s crucified on a cardboard cross in a room filled with Ronald McDonalds.

“Here’s the video for ‘Total Entertainment Forever’ starring George Washington, Kurt Cobain, Jon Arbuckle and Father John Misty,” Tillman wrote on the YouTube video. “It was directed by Adam Green and was shot on location at a McDonald’s in Florence.”

Watch the full video above.