The band sent fans to movie theaters that announced an April release.

By Nick Romano
April 22, 2017 at 12:45 PM EDT
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Fall Out Boy is ready to drop…well, we don’t actually know what it is. But we know it’s called “Purple” and it’s coming April 27, the band announced on social media Saturday.

The teases began on Friday when the official Fall Out Boy Twitter account posted a video message. “Chicago, please silence your cell phones at 11am CST,” the message, featuring a Mania Entertainment Group logo, read, while the adjoining Instagram post listed off the names of movie theaters in the area.

One fan then posted a recording of a video that apparently screened at the locations, and the band promptly retweeted.

The teaser begins with the words “Mania Beach Resorts” against a shot of beachfront palm trees. Its calm sequence of a marriage proposal on the sand and kids jumping off a dock into the water is interrupted by the crash of thunder and flash of lightning. Waves slam against cliffs as the screen takes on a purple tint and an April 28 date is announced.

It’s still unclear if this is new music or some sort of short film or visual album. But whatever it is, bassist Pete Wentz tweeted on Saturday, “I think we can move this whole operation up a day.” This was followed by another tweet announcing “PURPLE” will drop on April 27.

Fall Out Boy released their last album American Beauty/American Psycho in 2015, but frontman Patrick Stump contributed to the soundtrack for The LEGO Batman Movie and the group recorded a cover of the Ghostbusters theme song with Missy Elliot for Paul Feig’s reboot. Last year, they also put on their best *NSYNC for the “Irresistible” music video with Demi Lovato.

Might this mean fans will be getting fresh tracks next week?

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