Scott Stapp In Concert - New York, New York
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Creed frontman Scott Stapp has come a long way since the band recorded their big hits like “Higher” and “With Arms Wide Open.” According to a new GQ profile, Stapp is now sober and joined the new supergroup Art of Anarchy, and he’s taking a measured look back at his former band’s glory days. For instance, Stapp agrees that the “Higher” video, in which he struts across the stage in a tank top and leather pants, has not aged terribly well.

“Sometimes I cringe when I see it,” Stapp told the publication. “Like, ‘What was I thinking? Look at those pants.’”

Elsewhere in the profile, Stapp also said that he’d had a conversation with the ghost of late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland. Weiland originally wrote the lyrics and sang the vocals for Art of Anarchy’s debut album, but dropped out shortly afterward. Weiland died of a drug overdose in 2015, and soon after, Stapp ended up renting the tour bus where Weiland died. According to Stapp, this led to a Jacob Marley-like visitation.

“All of a sudden, it was almost like Weiland speaking to me from the grave, man,” Stapp said. “It was a very weird feeling that I felt. I remember being in the bathroom, looking in the mirror, on the bus, and really feeling like I could hear or feel him saying, ‘Dude, this could have been you. And this could be you if you continue that path. Don’t do what I did. Don’t go down that road.’ And, literally, I’m having this moment.”

Read the full story here, and go down memory lane with the “Higher” video above.

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