2 Fake 2 Obvious.


As a member of the Fast & Furious franchise, Ludacris is accustomed to a little special effects magic. Yet, the rapper took the use of CGI to new levels for his latest music video.

While there are plenty of scantily clad women in the video for “Vitamin D” (not a surprise since it samples Sisqo’s “Thong Song”), nothing is drawing more attention than the obviously fake six-pack that Ludacris is sporting. The CGI abs are evident from the opening shot, as the rapper strolls in, armed with a cocky smile, unzipped jacket, and impressive “muscles.”

The internet had a field day, comparing the fake abs to King’s Hawaiian rolls and wondering if Ludacris used old video game technology for the enhancements. Some internet sleuths even found shots later in the video of the rapper’s regular abs, which while respectable, don’t measure up to the CGI bulk.

Ludacris had a bit of fun at his own expense, writing on Twitter, “I did a lot of sit ups for that!”

Released on Friday, The Fate of the Furious marks Ludacris’ fifth go-around as tech genius Tej Parker.

See some reactions to his music video below.