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Legendary British lensman Mick Rock has photographed a host of music icons from David Bowie to Blondie. Along the way, he has been responsible for creating the cover images for a clutch of classic albums, including Lou Reed’s 1972 collection, Transformer.

Rock met Reed through Bowie, who co-produced Transformer. The blurry cover photo looks like a studio shot, staged to make Reed look vacantly wasted, but it’s actually a live photo taken at London’s King’s Cross Cinema on July 14, 1972. “The shot wasn’t meant for an album cover,” says Rock. “But I remember showing Lou the contact sheet, and he zeroed in on that. It’s actually quite a sharp shot. I went away and made up a few prints, and the first pass on that one, it fell out of focus in the printing. I loved it when I saw it coming up. When I brought the prints back, he said, ‘That’s got to be the cover.’ And of course, it haunted him and me for, like, 45 years.”

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A documentary about the photographer called Shot! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock, is now available in theaters and on VOD, Amazon Video, and iTunes. Watch the film’s trailer, above.