By Dan Heching
April 06, 2017 at 11:33 AM EDT
Andrew Chin/Getty Images

Later this month, Elton John will drop a reissue of one of his crowning achievements: the live album 17.11.70, which will be rebranded as 17.11.70+ toinclude six previously unreleased tracks. It’ll arrive April 22, the tenth annual Record Store Day in the U.K., when over 200 independent record shops all over England come together to celebrate record store culture with exclusive vinyl releases, artist performances, and other special events. Record Store Day has grown popular outside of the U.K. as well and is now the biggest international record-buying event on the music calendar.

In November 1970, Elton John “accidentally” created this now-historic album, which was initially intended for broadcast only. As the musician himself tells it in a YouTube interview uploaded Thursday, “The album 17-11-70 was not meant to be a live one at all…we just went in the booth and played it as a three-piece: Nigel Olsson on drums and vocals, Dee Murray on bass and vocals, and myself. There was a studio audience of about 100 sitting outside the booth, hearing it coming through the loudspeakers, and we just played. I’m astonished by how good we were, listening to this record.”

This special Record Store Day edition of 17-11-70+ restores six further songs from that impromptu concert, along with a version of “Amoreena” that has never been released on vinyl. With its eclectic mix of original songs and then-recent covers (Elton takes on the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Elvis Presley here), 17-11-70+ captures the talent, flair, and showmanship of a 23-year-old Brit who was about to become an institution in the world of music. See the tracklist below, and find information about his ongoing tour here.

A1 Take Me To The Pilot

A2 Honky Tonk Women

A3 Sixty Years On

A4 Can I Put You On

B1 Bad Side Of The Moon

B2 Burn Down The Mission (Incl. My Baby Left Me / Get Back)

C1 Indian Sunset (previously unreleased bonus track)

C2 Amoreena (newly remixed bonus track)

C3 Your Song (previously unreleased bonus track)

D1 Country Comfort (previously unreleased bonus track)

D2 I Need You To Turn To (previously unreleased bonus track)

D3 Border Song (previously unreleased bonus track)

D4 My Father’s Gun (previously unreleased bonus track)