He also shared news of a $1 million donation from the Chicago Bulls.

By Eric Renner Brown
March 31, 2017 at 05:05 PM EDT
Credit: Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Chance the Rapper extended his charitable streak with Chicago’s public schools on Friday. In an afternoon press conference at the Windy City’s Paul Robeson High School, the 23-year-old musician announced he has created a new after-school arts program, the New Chance Arts and Literature Fund. He also shared news of a $1 million donation by the Chicago Bulls to Chicago Public Schools.

“As an artist and an after-school teacher, I know the arts are essential. They teach students valuable lessons,” Chance told students and faculty assembled at the school. “The fund will bring arts programs and materials to schools that have experienced a decrease in five-year graduation rates, experienced budget cuts, lack of textbooks, and are without music or arts programs.” Chance said the funds will begin being put to use this fall for the 2017-2018 school year.

Earlier this month, Chance announced a $1 million dollar personal donation to Chicago Public Schools — and on Friday, he shared that the Chicago Bulls had matched his effort with a $1 million donation of their own. Chance said he’d raised $2.2 million for the city’s schools.

The musician started helping the school system after a fraught meeting with Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner in early March. After he made his initial pledge, local students wrote an open letter thanking Chance and naming him “an inspiration” to Chicago’s youth.

Check out footage of Chance’s Friday press conference above.