The song appears on his upcoming album, Big Bad Luv, out May 5

By Madison Vain
March 27, 2017 at 09:05 AM EDT
John Mooreland
Credit: Pearl Rachinsky

Over four stellar LPs, John Moreland has earned a reputation as a songsmith of the finest degree. The 31-year-old has long indulged the tears in his heart: It's nearly impossible to survive "You Don't Care For Me Enough to Cry" or "Cleveland County Blues," both off High On Tulsa Heat — which made EW's Best Country Albums in 2015 — with dry eyes. But when Moreland returns on May 5 with Big Bad Luv, he'll do so with renewed pluck and plenty fire.

Last month, the singer-songwriter shared "It Don't Suit Me (Like Before)." With its full band instrumentation and catchy hook, the defiant tune felt like nothing he'd done before. Now, EW is thrilled to premiere the track's accompanying video.

Shot by Sterlin Harjo during tour stops in Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennyslvania, and Ohio, the piece is a tribute to both the road and the "heavy anchors" we leave behind.

Moreland tells EW via email that the song was born during a conversation with his wife during a past New Year's Eve celebration about "habits and defense mechanisms that may have served a purpose at one time in your life, but become harmful as your circumstances change, and you outgrow them." He adds that he "wrote the song a few weeks later in a German hotel room." <iframe src=";partnerId=6a3aac8d-e6cf-4b8c-a0a7-a68211f002e4" width="480" height="300" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" class="" scrolling="no" resize="0" replace_attributes="1" name=""></iframe>ç—ök¿5o¾ŸßmӍåý¸ãŸs¿v×}yiþ

Stream the video for "It Don't Suit Me (Like Before)" above. See the track listing for Big Bad Luv, which is currently available for pre-order, below, and find all Moreland's announced tour dates on his website.

Big Bad Luv:

  1. Sallisaw Blue
  2. Old Wounds
  3. Every Kind of Wrong
  4. Love is Not an Answer
  5. Lies I Chose to Believe
  6. Amen, So Be It
  7. No Glory in Regret
  8. Ain't We Gold
  9. Slow Down Easy
  10. It Don't Suit Me (Like Before)
  11. Latchkey Kid