By Ruth Kinane
March 20, 2017 at 12:12 PM EDT
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Queen will rock your rainy Sunday afternoons with their very own version of the Monopoly board game.

Lead guitarist Brian May announced on Monday that Queen will release their take on the classic board game in May. Instead of hopping around the board picking up real estate, this version will take players through standout moments in the band’s career.

“We’ve been very secretly developing Queen Monopoly for over a year. And it’s due in a shop near you in May,” May wrote on his website. “I’m excited – it was a blast working on it – like making an album! We hope you love it!”

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According to the game’s description, the game has fans build a career akin to the band’s by touring “the amazing gig history of Queen, from their very first at Imperial College in 1970 to their last with Freddie Mercury at Knebworth Park in 1986” and buying “gig locations and hit singles” along the way. One should also attempt to sidestep ”taxes, jail, and bankruptcy” as they pass go and collect $200.

Additionally, the original game pieces are replaced with iconic items from the band’s history, including the robot from the News of the World album cover, a bicycle from “Bicycle Race,” a vacuum cleaner from the “I Want to Break Free” video, a hammer for “Hammer to Fall” and, of course, May’s guitar.

See the Queen Monopoly box, board, and tokens below.

Queen Monopoly set
Credit: brianmayforreal/Instagram


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