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The Cranberries Perform in Concert in Barcelona
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Everybody Else Is Doing It

The Cranberries, a staple in the ’90s alt-rock scene, just announced they’re coming out with a new album to celebrate their 25-year anniversary. This will mark their first release since their hiatus began five years ago.

The record, titled Something Else — an homage to the band’s 1993 debut, Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? — includes both acoustic and orchestral renditions of the Irish band’s classics. The most notable is “Linger,” which launched them in America (back when the youngest band member was merely 15) and was rerecorded at the University of Limerick. The Cranberries took full advantage of The Irish Chamber Orchestra’s rehearsal rooms to not only rework nostalgic hits, which O’Riordan says she prefers “with a little bit more experience behind them, with a new lease of life,” but to create new songs as well.

“The Glory,” the first new song to make an appearance on the album, was written by O’Riordan in said rehearsal rooms, whereas “Rupture” — a track centering around “depression, about being in that black hole and finding it hard to get out of it” — and “Why” — penned by O’Riordan “just after my father passed, the hardest time” — were songs that she had kept close to the vest until now. Plenty of older favorites can be found on the album, including “Zombie” and “Ode To My Family.”

Take a listen to the acoustic version of “Linger” below.

Something Else will be available April 28 on both digital and CD formats and is currently available for pre-order and streaming on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play (though not in the U.S.), and Spotify. The Cranberries will also be kicking off a tour across the U.K. and Ireland beginning May 17 in Belfast and ending May 28 in Manchester.

Everybody Else Is Doing It
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