Under the Radar singles

Lorde, The Chainsmokers, Ed Sheeran, and Lady Gaga might be ruling the iTunes charts, but EW has compiled a list of irresistible singles from emerging performers who deserve a spot in any music lover’s library. From international acts like Tom Aspaul, Liv Dawson, and Death Team to home-grown performers like Pastel Ghost and Tennis, hear nine hot tracks from artists lurking under the mainstream radar.

Adam Sample, “Weekend”

Every weekend warrior needs an accompanying anthem, and Adam Sample’s chilled-out pop gem, appropriately titled “Weekend,” is here to soundtrack your Friday-Sunday shenanigans.

Liv Dawson, “Searching”

Look no further: As we head into spring, London-based songstress Liv Dawson has delivered a red-hot dance tune to help you shake off those cold winter blues.

Tennis, “Modern Woman”

Tennis return with lead singer Alaina Moore’s haunting, echoey ode to womankind. The Denver-based band’s new album, Yours Conditionally — their fourth overall —is out March 10.

Bronze Whale x Popeska, “Imagine” (feat. Tom Aspaul)

U.K. electronic musician Tom Aspaul, perhaps best known for laying the foundation for Kylie Minogue’s Kiss Me Once cut “Feels So Good,” continues cranking out indie pop masterpieces, this time working with Bronze Whale and Popeska for a refreshing take on the trendy wobbly-pop sounds permeating mainstream radio.

Death Team, “Work”

Rihanna, Iggy Azalea, and Fifth Harmony aren’t the only ones getting the job done; Swedish duo Death Team, comprised of Mayka Edd and Johen Rafael Tilli, goe hard on their latest single, “Work,” which they’ve described as “a cross between Abba and Eminem.”

Symon, “No Way”

Symon makes her voice heard on a new feminist anthem “No Way,” described as a love letter to “females who call the shots and are in charge of their own bodies,” according to a press release.

Donatachi, “A / S / L” (feat. Tashka & Blair De Milo)

Have you ever wondered what Grindr’s notification alerts would sound like in the context of a pop song? Of course you haven’t, and that’s exactly why Donatachi’s glitchy dance cut “A / S / L” works — with bonkers electronic production (in the PC Music vein), the track is a perfect blend of nutty sonic vision and nimble vocals from Australian singer Tashka.

Amba Shepherd, “Wide Awake & Dreaming”

Having collaborated on Hardwell’s “Apollo” and “U Are” with Paul Oakenfold in the past, Australian singer-songwriter Amba Shepherd enlisted Dutch producer Tommy Rocks for her latest, high-energy solo single. Equal parts sugar and spice, the song is “about that moment when you realize that something you have been dreaming about for a really long time is coming true right in front of your eyes,” Shepherd said via press statement.

Pastel Ghost, “Possession”

If Alice Glass-era Crystal Castles had dolloped a hint of sweetness atop their 2012 LP III, it might sound a lot like Pastel Ghost’s “Possession,” an indie bop that sees Oakland, California singer Vivian Moon’s smooth vocals drifting over an icy, synth-driven beat.