Plus, the group surprises fans with a new live album
Mandy Moore in the Dawes new music video Roll with the Punches


Dawes returned with their fifth studio album, the spectacularly named We’re All Gonna Die, last September. The set scaled the Folk Albums Charts as the group launched their 50-date tour and now the group is ready to drop their newest video. EW is thrilled to premiere the clip for “Roll With The Punches,” starring Mandy Moore, This Is Us actress and girlfriend of frontman Taylor Goldsmith, today.

The clip follows the dissolution of a relationship and for Goldsmith, who is not actually breaking up with Moore, the acting was harder than he maybe anticipated. “Even though we were just making a music video, spending the whole day pretending like we were in the midst of a separation was sort of a drag,” the 31-year-old admitted. “At least on camera. Luckily, she’s as pro as someone could be so it was pretty easy to switch back into laughs and hanging out while they were setting up other shots.”

It also gave him a chance to see Moore in action. “I’m pretty blown away by her acting,” he adds, “and just blown away by her in general, I guess, so it was fun to bring together what we both do, even if just in some small way.”

Director Daniel Henry, who has also helmed clips for Kurt Vile, Jack White, and Vanessa Carlton, said the concept, which is equal parts charming and sad, is very much rooted in reality. “I got the idea for the video after I read a true story about a disgruntled German man whose 12-year marriage ended tragically,” he recalls. “He quite literally split all of their belongs in two, in a vindictive-yet-beautiful move that inspired the [‘Roll With The Punches’] video. The whole idea made me laugh at its extreme pettiness, but ended up perfectly representing the process of moving on.”

“Roll With The Punches” is premiering on EW below. The band is also releasing We’re All Gonna Live, a streaming-only live album recorded during the first four shows of their current tour, today. Meant as a gift to fans, the 15-track LP includes new and old favorites, from “When The Tequila Runs Out” and “One of Us” off Die to “From the Right Angle” off 2013’s Stories Don’t End to “A Little Bit of Everything” off 2011’s Nothing Is Wrong.

Upcoming tour dates are available on the band’s website.

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