The husband and wife team up for "Shining"

By Christian Holub
February 12, 2017 at 11:51 PM EST

Jay Z cheered on his wife Beyoncé during her epic Grammys performance, but as soon as the ceremony was over, he was back to proving he could still hold his own with her on a track. Shortly after the Grammys ended, DJ Khaled dropped a new song, “Shining,” featuring guest spots from both members of the iconic husband-and-wife duo.

Beyoncé recently made waves with the announcement that she was pregnant with twins, and the unborn children factor big into Jay Z’s verse. “Don’t let me have a son, I’m a fool,” he raps. “I want a boy and a girl to fight for truth, but whatever God give me, I’m cool.” Jay Z also gave a nod to the Grammys, specifically all the ones he’s won: “21 Grammys, I’m a savage. 12 solo albums, all platinum.”

Listen to the track below via Tidal.

DJ Khaled spent most of 2016 opening for Beyoncé on her “Formation” tour and most recently released his ninth studio album, Major Key, in June.