The pop singer broke the record for most streams for a female artist on Spotify

Add “Chained to the Rhythm” to Katy Perry’s long list of hits.

As announced by Spotify on Saturday, the pop singer’s latest single broke a record for the music service with 3,062,293 streams after dropping early Friday morning. This sets a new bar for Spotify for being the highest first-day streaming for a single track by a female artist.

The success could have something to do with Spotify’s promotional blitz for the singer. Martin Kirkup from Direct Management Group, which represents Perry, told Bloomberg, “They were the ones who said, ‘We want to make this a big part of what we’re doing, we want to give you every level of support.’ We didn’t ask for a billboard. They offered it.”

Spotify’s chief content officer Stefan Blom also said, “We’ve done a lot of thinking about how to position ourselves and be a better partner to the artist. We didn’t have an artist marketing team before, and we have that now.”

In addition, Perry tantalized fans with a disco ball scavenger hunt over social media.

Perry teamed up with longtime collaborator Max Martin on “Chained to the Rhythm,” which was co-written by Sia and features a verse from Bob Marley’s grandson Skip Marley. The song released across Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, SoundCloud, Tidal, and more.

Watch the lyric video above.