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February 05, 2017 at 03:14 PM EST

Stephen Colbert channeled David Byrne at Saturday’s benefit for the Montclair Film Festival, where the Late Show host covered the Talking Heads’ 1981 hit “Once in a Lifetime.”

And this wasn’t just any old cover: Colbert mimicked Byrne’s frenetic dance moves from 1984 concert documentary Stop Making Sense, which featured a minutes-long shot of the Talking Heads frontman memorably performing the track while wearing a white suit.

Colbert previously spoke at a Montclair Film Festival fundraiser this past November soon after Donald Trump won the presidential election. At the event, he and Last Week Tonight host John Oliver discussed how to approach the country’s new leader.

“I’m all for giving him a chance, but don’t give him an inch,” Colbert said at the time. “Because I believed everything he said, and I remember everything he said, and it’s horrifying. The job changes a man, that’s the cliche of the presidency, but every president tries to achieve what they promised. And you might say there are levers of power in Washington that could possibly slow him down, but two things: One is, they’re cowards. Second is, they tried to stop Trump. Everyone tried to stop Trump. Do not delude yourself. Everyone except the people he’s going to appoint tried to stop him, and they didn’t. He owes them nothing. That’s what scares me. He owes the checks and balances of Washington nothing, because they tried to stop him and they couldn’t. And he’s a vindictive person.”

Read more from that November talk here, and watch Colbert’s rendition of “Once in a Lifetime” in the fan-shot video above. This year’s Montclair Film Festival runs from April 28 to May 7.

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