YouTuber Michael Korte, with arrangement from Jared Jenkins, took the rock songs of the Tony Award-winning show Rent and mixed them with Lady Gaga's hits for #Gaga4Rent.

Take one part Jonathan Larson’s narrative rock aesthetic in Rent and sprinkle in Mother Monster’s catalog of iconic songs, and the fantastic mash-up #GAGA4RENT is born.

Created by YouTuber Michael Korte, with an arrangement from Jared Jenkins, the music video uses the Tony Award-winning musical (which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year) as a foundation, as the talented performers infuse Lady Gaga’s chart-topping tracks to honor the singer’s upcoming Super Bowl halftime show.

Performers Jeniffer Criss, Cameron Wright, Danielle Withers, Eric Lyn, Matt Bloyd, Christine Noel, and Trevon Davis crush an 8-minute medley featuring Rent’s “Light My Candle,” “La Vie Boheme,” “Take Me or Leave Me,” and “Seasons of Love,” all mixed in with several Gaga hits including “Born This Way,” “Boys Boys Boys,” “A-Yo,” and “Paparazzi.”

The amazing mash-up acts as a follow-up to the creative team’s previous crossover of Hamilton and Beyoncé with #Ham4Bey. Watch the mash-up above.

Rent (Stage)
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