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Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams performed a solo acoustic cover of Radiohead’s 1997 hit “Karma Police” during an appearance on BBC Radio 2 Saturday.

“I woke up this morning and I was jetlagged, and I had a full day of press,” Adams told the show’s host, Jo Whiley, when introducing the song. “I wanted to do a couple of covers. And I know plenty, but I wanted to do something new that I hadn’t done before. So I went, ‘What are two or three songs I could try to learn before I have to go to my first thing?’

“And this was one,” Adams continued. “I don’t know if I’ve learned it in a great new and interesting way, but I also thought it’s fitting because there’s a pretty awful person who just got elected in the United States.”

Adams is right: He does know plenty of covers. The last full-length he released, 2015’s 1989, covered every song off Taylor Swift’s popular album of the same name.

Next month, the prolific singer-songwriter will release his 15th studio album, Prisoner. When EW discussed the project with him last year, Adams predicted he had written “quite literally 80” songs for the project before whittling down material.

“I think the challenge for me — the Everest peak, for me — is to tell this story in 11 songs, to tell this part of my life in 11 songs,” he said. “How do I make a real distinct record where anybody listens to it and says, ‘That’s the truth from beginning to end.’ So it’s like exercise. It sucks in the beginning. But then you get into it.”

Adams also shared a music video for the Prisoner cut “Do You Still Love Me?” Monday. See it above — and check out his cover of “Karma Police” via the BBC. (Find the clip at the 2:33:15 mark.)

Ryan Adams
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