Ed Sheeran has released the music video for his single 'Shape of You,' featuring sumo wrestling, boxing, and actress Jennie Pegouskie.

By Joey Nolfi
January 30, 2017 at 10:08 AM EST

After notching his first No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 earlier this month, Ed Sheeran’s career is anything but down for the count, though the character he plays in the “Shape of You” music video could use a few pointers on holding his own in the ring.

The just-released clip, which debuted Monday morning online, sees the 25-year-old Grammy winner wooing a female boxer (Jennie Pegouskie) and playfully sparring with her in the gym before canoodling on the streets of Seattle, where the video was filmed.

After Sheeran loses his lady, the visual channels bits of Rocky (and even Fight Club) as he trains his body to win her back. The video culminates in a grungy fight scene in which Sheeran challenges a massive sumo wrestler, who easily overtakes him.

“Shape of You” was released in tandem with “Castle on the Hill” as the first set of preview tracks from the U.K. native’s third studio album ÷ (pronounced “divide“); the latter’s music video, released Jan. 23, has accumulated over 20 million YouTube views thus far. To date, both singles have amassed more than 560 million worldwide streams.

Sheeran is set to perform on the upcoming Feb. 11 episode of Saturday Night Live, marking his first U.S. television appearance since the 58th Grammy Awards ceremony in February 2016.

÷, currently available now for pre-order, will be released March 3 via Atlantic Records. Watch the new music video for “Shape of You” above.