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After a one-week interruption by Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,” Migos’ viral smash “Bad and Boujee” has returned to the top spot on Billboard’s Hot 100. And their first No. 1 is just one highlight from a star-making January for the trio — comprised of Offset, 25, Quavo, 25, and Takeoff, 22 — that has also included praise from the Golden Globes stage by Donald Glover and the release of their second studio album, Culture, on Friday. Hip-hop’s hottest group connected with EW to open up about their rise, favorite “Bad and Boujee” memes, and why they’re nowhere near flaming out.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: After releasing dozens of mixtapes and one studio album, you finally scored your first No. 1 with the viral hit “Bad and Boujee.” Why do you think so many fans connect with it?
QUAVO: I compare it to Michael Jackson’s “Bad.” We haven’t had that type of song in a long time that just makes you feel bad. To make you feel like [it’s] your crew against my crew…
OFFSET: When you hear it, it gives you attitude. Even older people like it.

How old are we talking about?
OFFSET: We were in the airport, getting on the plane, and…she looked like she was over 45, sort of gray. And she was like, “You guys sing ‘Bad and Boujee’!”

Did you know you had a hit on your hands when you recorded the track?
OFFSET: Honestly, yes I did. I recorded that song in my basement at home. As soon as I recorded it, I called the boys, like, “Boom! I just made this crazy ass hit. Y’all gotta hear this s—.”
QUAVO: The beat just did something to me at the knees, man. It just made my knees wiggle, man. It gave me attitude. It gave me something to feel good about when it came on — and it was history from there.

“Bad and Boujee” sparked thousands of memes last year, just like Rae Sremmurd’s Mannequin Challenge smash “Black Beatles.”Are memes the new way to score hits?
QUAVO: Most definitely. This is the new way of breaking records. Records wasn’t selling due to the internet, so now we’re actually using the internet to sell records!

  • What are your favorite “Bad and Boujee” memes?
  • OFFSET: My favorite meme was the lady on Christmas and she had a crockpot. She was older, too! I like the Grinch, too.
  • QUAVO: [One] had all three of us in the rain drop car! They actually made the rain drop drop top coupe!

You appeared alongside Donald Glover on Atlanta, and after his Golden Globe victories this year, he gave you a shoutout, even comparing you to the Beatles.
OFFSET: It was a blessing for Donald to do that. For him to do that in his moment — because that was his moment — that means a lot. That shows the real from the fake.
TAKEOFF: We got notifications. Fans were blowing us up, sending us videos.
OFFSET: I was in the studio, recording, I was in the booth and my mama called my phone: “Donald Glover just shouted y’all out on the Golden Globes! Do you know how big that is, fam?”

Are you fans of the Fab Four?
OFFSET: I was very young, so I really know Paul McCartney because of him just being still alive. I couldn’t say I’m a big fan, but I do respect who they are in the game. And they got hits.
QUAVO: I like their style and I like their melodies and I like the fact that they were a group and they were young.

Your second LP, Culture, is out now. Is all this success overwhelming you?
OFFSET: This is our first number one, but we put all the groundwork in behind it. [Our new album] is another level for us because we’ve got a whole new vision. We’re so focused — we’re not the young kids that came in the game. We map out everything before we do it. We’ve got a catalog as long as a train track. Sometimes you don’t wanna hit right then and there, because you’ll go out fast.
TAKEOFF: Culture is what the fans have been waiting for. The flavor you get from Migos — the excitement, the swag, everything — it’s a movie, literally.

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