The singer will release the companion EP to last year's 'Hopelessness' LP on March 17

By Nolan Feeney
Updated January 26, 2017 at 10:57 AM EST
Alice O'Malley

Anohni’s debut solo LP Hopelessness was one of EW’s best albums of 2016—and now it’s getting a sequel of sorts.

The experimental pop singer announced that she will release the six-song Paradise EP, described as a “companion” to Hopelessness, on March 17 via Secretly Canadian and Rough Trade. The EP, which features collaborations with returning Hopelessness producers Oneohtrix Point Never and Hudson Mohawke, will continue to combine Anohni’s deeply political and activist lyrics with electronic pop beats. Songs like “Jesus Will Kill You” and “She Doesn’t Mourn Her Loss” in particular address themes of environmental destruction and exploitation.

Last year, Anohni told EW that, contrary to its title, the urgent messages of Hopelessness could make listeners feel the opposite of hopeless. “There are two things I wanted to do in my mind: support people who are already in this mindset and give them a galvanizing soundtrack to continue with their work and take action,” she said. “I also wanted to model an investigation into my own complicity and start to investigate that chasm of denial within me that allows me to continue to be a passive participant in destructive systems. I wanted to model that and articulate it, hopefully as useful research that other people can do what they want with.”

See the Paradise tracklist:

1. “In My Dreams”
2. “Paradise”
3. “Jesus Will Kill You”
4. “You Are My Enemy”
5. “Ricochet”
6. “She Doesn’t Mourn Her Loss”