By Jessica Goodman
Updated January 13, 2017 at 08:20 AM EST
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Credit: Eric Ryan Anderson

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter VÉRITÉ has released a dozen indie-pop songs and three EPs, but this year she’ll take the next leap and debut her first studio album, expected to come out sometime this year. Ahead of its release, EW is excited to premiere its lead single, “Phase Me Out.”

Originally written “a long time ago” during a session in London, the track was in “a forgotten pile,” says VÉRITÉ, whose given name is Kelsey Byrne. “When I [was thinking of songs] for the album, it was brought back up to me by people who had heard it.”

A few production tweaks gave the tune “more organic elements” and “powerhouse vibes,” and the 26-year-old artist was sold on debuting it as the album’s lead single. “The tone I’m trying to set is ‘I’m not f—ing around,” she tells EW. “I wanted to come out with something that was really bold and impactful and a statement piece. ‘Phase Me Out’ is undeniably a statement piece. It can branch off into the more aggressive tones of the album and then more sentimental vibey elements.”

Byrne is still in the process of writing the album but she says, “we’re almost there.” In terms of what fans can expect, she teases, “I’m disregarding all the rules I’ve seen as people approach writing music. I’m trying to break them.”

Hear “Phase Me Out,” written by Byrne and Dan McDougall and produced by Peter Thomas and Jay Vice, below.