Credit: Mike Windle/WireImage

Annie Clark, the art-rock guitar whiz better known as St. Vincent, last released an album in February 2014. But according to a new interview with Guitar World, she’ll put out her fifth album in spring 2017.

“I’ve been able to step back and reflect and not just be in the tour, record, tour, record cycle that I’ve been in for about 10 years,” Clark told the magazine for its January issue. “I think it’ll be the deepest, boldest work I’ve ever done. … I feel the playing field is really open for creative people to do whatever you want, and that risk will be rewarded — especially now that we have such high stakes form a political and geo-political standpoint. The personal is political and there the political can’t help but influence the art. And only music that has something pretty real to say is gonna cut the mustard.” Clark noted that her new material will be a “real sea change” in her sound.

Clark’s 2014 album, St. Vincent, topped EW’s albums list that year. Since then, in addition to relentlessly touring, Clark has remained artistically active: She jammed with Taylor Swift during her 1989 tour, headlined David Lynch’s inaugural Festival of Disruption, directed part of a horror film, covered Karen Dalton for the Pete’s Dragon soundtrack, remade the Golden Girls theme as a dirge, performed with the National, and shredded “The Star-Spangled Banner” for a Dallas Cowboys game. She even designed a signature electric guitar.