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Frozen star Josh Gad once botched a live 'Let It Go' performance because he doesn't 'know the lyrics'
Gad says he flubbed a live rendition of the song at Carnegie Hall. "People assume that because I'm in Frozen that I know the lyrics to 'Let It Go,'" he said with a laugh.
Harry's House review: Harry Styles gently nudges the expectations of what pop should sound like
The singer is ready to let listeners into his home — or rather, his 13-song representation of it.
How Coldplay are making their new tour eco-friendly with a little push from their fans
From kinetic dance floors and stationary bikes to reforestation pledges, here's how the rockers are making their Music of the Spheres concerts as green as possible.

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Saturday Night Live recap: Selena Gomez has fun in her hosting debut

Though it was a lackluster penultimate episode, the former Disney darling gave a solid performance.