Credit: Columbia Records

Turn on, tune in, and drop out with the summery pop psychedelia of LSD, the acronymous supergroup comprising British multi-talent Labrinth, chart-topping singer-songwriter Sia, and Grammy-winning cross-genre DJ/producer Diplo. Like Diplo’s first album with his band Major Lazer (Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do), the 10-track LSD isn’t afraid to get weird.

“Welcome to the Wonderful World of” gently pushes the boundaries of conventional pop music with a tripped-out guitar riff. But the a cappella harmonies from Sia and Labrinth drop out quickly, making it sound like a mistake. The trio continues its genre-flipping with the staccato rhythms and fat synths of “Angel in Your Eyes”; the 808 trap tinge of “Audio”; the electro-orchestra chords of lead single “Genius”; and Diplo’s favored dancehall rhythms on “No New Friends,” as lyrics of love won, love lost, friendship, and success abound.

The album’s mix of tropical vibes and experimental hooks give LSD a pleasant, lush, varied landscape of tones and tempos. As the debut record’s namesake and neon album art might suggest, listening to this music with headphones on while laying on a fuzzy carpet is highly recommended. B+