A new documentary tracks the actor's attempt to earn wrestling redemption.

By Clark Collis
August 10, 2020 at 01:44 PM EDT

In 2010, David Arquette became World Championship Wrestling's World Heavyweight Champion. Although the actor's reign lasted a brief 12 days and was clearly a publicity ploy to help promote the WCW, Arquette's ascendancy left a bad taste in many wrestling fans' mouths. Arquette himself came to regret the stunt and, in particular, the cowardly persona he was convinced to adopt in front of the camera. “I’m not a p---y," he told The Ringer earlier this year. "I’m not a punk. I’m not scared of any of these people. That’s the main thing. I’m not scared of any of those guys.”

All of which helps explain why, nearly two decades later, Arquette decided to become a professional wrestler — for real.

That extremely odd career decision from the star of four Scream films and Eight Legged Freaks, and what happened next, forms the subject of a new documentary called You Cannot Kill David Arquette.  The film is directed by David Darg and Price James and is released Aug. 28.

Watch the trailer for You Cannot Kill David Arquette above.

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