Breathe in a new promo clip for director Noah Baumbach's adaptation of Don DeLillo's classic novel.

In director Noah Baumbach's new film White Noise, Adam Driver and the filmmaker's real-life partner Greta Gerwig play a couple who are forced to flee with their children from an "airborne toxic event."

Like writer Don DeLillo's original 1985 novel, Baumbach's satirical comedy-drama is actually about much more than that, and you can get a taste of the film's scope, both thematic and otherwise, in the film's just-released new trailer below.

White Noise. (L to R) Sam Nivola as Heinrich, Adam Driver as Jack, May Nivola as Steffie, Greta Gerwig as Babette, Dean Moore/Henry Moore as Wilder and Raffey Cassidy as Denise in White Noise.
'White Noise'
| Credit: Wilson Webb/Netflix

"I read [White Noise] close to when it came out, when I was a teenager, and loved it then," Baumbach tells EW, explaining how he came to direct the film. "Aspects of it have always remained with me, but like anything you start to forget the specifics. I started rereading it, on a lark really, at the end of 2019, beginning of 2020. I was reminded how much I loved it, but also loving it in a whole new way now, and was struck by how the real-but-not-real tenor that DeLillo strikes represented the world as it was feeling to me. When the pandemic hit New York, and Greta and I were here, I was finishing the book, and it really felt like this document was telling me things about what was happening now. It just felt kind of uncanny."

The cast of White Noise also includes Don Cheadle, Raffey Cassidy, Sam Nivola, May Nivola, Jodie Turner-Smith, André L. Benjamin, Sam Gold, Carlos Jacott, Lars Eidinger, Francis Jue, and Barbara Sukowa.

White Noise is released in select theaters this Friday and on Netflix Dec. 30.

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